Muirhouse Medical Group

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Teaching Practice

This is a teaching practice, and we often have junior doctors and nurses in training. You will be asked for your permission to have a trainee or student sitting in on your consultation – no one will mind if you say no.

Sometimes a doctor may use a video to record consultations as part of their education. Again, we will ask your permission and you can have the camera switched off or the recording erased if you wish.

GPs in training

We usually have a GP in training working under supervision at the surgery. They are qualified doctors who are now training to become GPs. They spend six months or one year at the surgery at a time, depending on what stage of training they are at. 

We also have an FY2 doctor working under supervision – FY2 stands for Foundation Year 2. 

FY2s are qualified doctors who have completed their first year of clinical practice. They each spend four months at the surgery.